MICHAEL KAROLCHYK, OWNER, THE ANTI-GYM: Obesity is the number-one issue facing our country in terms of the health and wellness. And she has shown, not that she was born this way, not that she woke up one day and was obese. She has shown, through being lazy and making poor food choices, that she is obese.

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Now, how you do know anything about her lifestyle? There are a lot of people who might be a little fat, but they're very fit. And you might have people who seem very thin, and, apparently, they're not so fit.

So, that is a blanket indictment.


CAVUTO (on camera): So I’m told the White House is furious at me. Again. This time, not over something I said. But a guest said.

That the president's surgeon general pick is too fat. That Dr. Regina Benjamin is a good 40 — maybe 50 — pounds too fat.

He said, bad example. I said, very good example.

I stressed that Dr. Benjamin has ample qualifications and might prove an ample and relatable role model for many people. Many on the left, and clearly all at the White House, refused to hear that. One implying my real intent was to go after the good doctor because she was African-American.


Funny, but I did not hear the White House bitching at ABC, which looked into the surgeon general's weight. Or University of Kentucky Medical Center Professor James Anderson who suggested the good doctor could set a better example...like the pediatrician who told ABC she lost 20 pounds, to provide just that good example for her patients.

Nonsense, I said. Just as I have always, always said on this show. Just as I’ve always attacked the food police for not saying that fat people aren't lepers. A lot of them are leaders. And shouldn't be judged by their layers.

My guest disagreed; said a surgeon general should walk the walk and talk the talk. Preach fitness, he said. Be fit.

I countered, who says if you're fat, you're not fit? I kidded about my own weight and asked my guest who he was to attack anyone's weight. That was the weight of the discussion. And that was the weight of my argument. And the White House is flat-out lying to say otherwise.

But I know the real skinny here.

This isn't about my segment. Like I said, they didn't say boo about ABC's segment. Just mine. Just FOX. Just desserts, I guess. My sin is not telling the story and arguing it. But the White House selectively going after me for doing it without even listening to it.

I know. Fat chance they would do otherwise. Fat chance, I’m even surprised that they are bold-faced liars and hypocrites for citing it.

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