President Obama did the right thing Wednesday by listening to his generals and refusing to release evidentiary photos of American military people abusing prisoners. Many of the abusers are now in prison, as our justice system does not permit random violence against captives.

But the ACLU is not satisfied with the convictions. It wants to damage America and put the lives of American service-people overseas in even more danger. That is the truth. The ACLU does not care about these brave men and women at all.

Here's what "Talking Points" said on April 27:


O'REILLY: The ACLU, which sued to get the pictures released, wants to inflame the world against the USA. That, of course, will put our troops and diplomats in even more danger and make it harder for the Obama administration to get cooperation from other countries. Does the president understand that?


Well, apparently he does. Mr. Obama did the right thing.

ACLU chief Anthony Romero is the big villain here, but he is not alone. The publisher of the Los Angeles Times, Eddy Hartenstein, saw his paper editorialize for the release of the photos today. And radical-left George Washington University professor Jonathan Turley is making the far-left rounds promoting the release of the pictures. We used to respect Turley, but no longer. He has really gone over to the dark side.

Anyone — anyone — who wants those pictures in the hands of our enemies is no friend to America or to the military, and it is time that clear-thinking people hold the haters responsible. America has more than 200,000 men and women in the field overseas protecting us, and some loons want to hand the enemy inflammatory pictures? No. The lunacy stops here.

A new FOX News poll says a whopping 77 percent of Americans believe the pictures would cause a backlash against American troops.

Once again, the people know the score. Every member of the ACLU is guilty. Every one of them. There is no excuse to support this organization.

Going forward, the Obama administration must take the case to the Supreme Court. Period. No backing down. The president can also issue an executive order in the case, even if the courts continue to do the wrong thing.

Lives are on the line, and this time the enemy is not just the terrorists — it is some of our fellow Americans themselves.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

Country star Carrie Underwood traveled to Africa as part of the "American Idol" Gives Back charity and handed out mosquito nets:


CARRIE UNDERWOOD, SINGER: We are headed to a village called (INAUDIBLE), one of the villages that benefited from the wonderful efforts of Idol Gives Back. Every day, 3,000 children die from malaria in Africa. One way to prevent malaria is by using insecticide-treated bed nets. Through Idol Gives Back, 300,000 bed nets have been distributed in Angola.


That, of course, is a very worthy effort, and Ms. Underwood is a patriot.

On the pinhead front, it happens every year. Dunderheads running onto baseball fields interrupting play. This guy was naked, and as David Niven once said, showing his shortcomings.

Click here to watch "Pinheads & Patriots"!

He was arrested, will be convicted, and if I were the judge I'd make him wear a t-shirt that simply said: Pinhead.

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