Yes, there are those Saudis who live in America, were educated here and tend to be what we might call friends of the U.S.

But Prince Sultan Bin Salman (search) was being a bit disingenuous when he suggested that the Saudis are pure friends and that there is not a semi-official government policy to educate the young to hate the West and the U.S. — a government policy that encourages the media to fan that hate everyday.

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The Saudis have spent billions of dollars — gas dollars from you and me — to spread the fanatical Wahhabi sect (search) of Islam around the world.

Wahhabism didn't exist in Pakistan until the Saudis brought it there. It didn't exist in Indonesia until the Saudis brought it there. It didn't exist here in the U.S. until the Saudis spent hundreds of millions to bring it here.

Wahhabism — despite the prince's insistence — is, in fact, the official religion of Saudi Arabia and it is vehemently and violently anti-Western, anti-modern, anti-Christian and anti-Israel. Wahhabism is now also going after its other great enemy — the House of Saud (search) — the same family which our guest the prince is from.

To the Wahhabi Al Qaedas, the House of Saud is corrupt because of its association with the U.S. So at the moment, the House of Saud — including our friend, the prince — are telling their own people that Al Qaeda is going after them but that it is America's fault, so blame Americans instead of the royal family.

This is the same sort of stuff that caused all the trouble in the first place, and now the Saudis are blaming everybody in sight... principally, the Israelis.

One of the highest-ranking princes said he believes the recent attacks in Saudi Arabia were the fault of Israelis. This is what he said:

"It became clear to us that Zionism is behind terrorist actions in the Kingdom... I can say I'm 95 percent sure of that."

Well, the terror attacks that are occurring every day in Saudi Arabia. There are gunfights virtually every day, and the Al Qaedas are attacking the Saudi royal family for two reasons.

No. 1. They believe the Saudi royal family is apostate, that they are heretics, that they are not following the true path
of Islam.

No. 2. If they can tear down the Saudi royal family, they will tear down America by extension by cutting off its oil

This is why the Saudis have the Al Qaedas attacking them every day.

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