Barack Obama has just pulled a Prince or the Artist Formerly Known as Prince before he went back and said, this is ridiculous, I'm back to being known as Prince.

I guess, in Prince's case, all his fans said, "It's Prince and if you keep this up and we'll be the former fans of the Former Artist Known as Prince."

Just like I think we all know what a tax hike is — so for God's sake, stop it.

Still, if you want to say someone who goes from paying nothing to paying something, is not paying a tax, so be it. We shall find a new name for this tax thing that isn't a tax thing.

From this moment forward, we will call it: "The great extra fee that is kind of like a tax, but isn't a tax — even though it destroys wealth like a tax, but seems less taxing to say if we just don't say 'tax' thing."

So employers who don't offer health coverage for their workers won't be taxed for their resistance. They'll merely to nailed to the wall with penalties and charges that will look like taxes but actually feel like terror.

So such employers are getting "terrorized", not "taxed."

Ditto average Americans who might have more than average health care benefits. They're not getting "taxed" for such privileges — from here on out, they are merely getting "zoomed." So they are being "zoomed," not "taxed."

I hope you're getting the hang of this. Soon, like me — and like the president — maybe you too will come to see these little surcharges as the glorious cost of living life to its fullest with a government at its biggest.

That's not too taxing, is it? Good. Now, pay up and not another word about it.

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