The media is all a-tingle over President Obama's meeting with Sergeant James Crowley and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. at the White House — or, as The Post described them: the distinguished Harvard professor and the cop who arrested him.

It's a wonderful "teaching opportunity." I'm sure we are going to learn a lot from this today; entire textbooks will be written about the amazing wounds that can be healed with a picnic table and a little beer.

Wait — breaking news: They've moved the meeting into the Rose Garden. Can we get the live shot?

What lesson are we supposed to learn? How not to racially profile? Well, for years, Sergeant Crowley taught classes on how not to racially profile. So I'm pretty sure he knows about that. And the 911 calls prove the officers didn't even know the race of the possible suspects.

So, again, what am I supposed to learn? What kind of beer Obama likes? Is it Guinness? Milwaukee's Best? Maybe he's a Zima man. Wait — breaking news — we've just learned that President Obama is a Budweiser man; he's just like you!

Here's The One Thing: The president is hoping you pay attention to the "Beer Summit," because his poll numbers are tanking. Remember: Never waste a crisis. When you are faced with a faltering domestic agenda and eroding overall support, it's time for a little healing over some beers.

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According to recent polls, only 23 percent believe health care costs will go down; 53 percent expect health care prices would rise, and 50 percent expect the quality of care to decline. The president's approval rating, according to Gallup, has dropped 8 points in the last month alone.

So, yes, the president is happy to see media diligently reporting that he is drinking a Bud Light.

Perhaps support for the 1,000-plus page health care bill is eroding because people are finally getting around to finding things buried deep within. You know, stuff like Section 440 of the House bill that reads:

"Home visitation programs for families with young children and families expecting children, would provide grants to states to establish home visitation programs to educate parents on child behavior and parenting skills."

The "well-trained and competent staff" will:

"Provide parents with knowledge of age-appropriate child development in cognitive language, social, emotional and motor domains... modeling, consulting, and coaching on parenting practices, skills to interact with their child to enhance age-appropriate development."

But Glenn! It's completely voluntary!

Sure… until we have too many little fatties in grade school who are increasing the cost of our health care. Then they'd have no choice. They wouldn't want to sent the fat police, but they'd have to because you're hurting the collective, the greater good.

But it's completely voluntary and totally random. If you want it, you got it — unless there's a specific problem area to target, like the one identified on page 840 of the bill:

"The state shall identify and prioritize serving communities that are in high need of such services... especially communities with a high proportion of low-income families or a high incidence of child maltreatment."

This doesn't scare me! No way. Just the crazies like Winston Smith — you know, the main character from "1984."

When did we go from being a nation that believed in hard work and picking yourself up by the bootstraps, to a nation that wants government to control everything from our light bulbs to our parenting techniques?

This bill has to be stopped.

If there are any Republicans supporting this thing, don't you forget their names. If they don't get it now and they don't get it in Washington, they are either out of their minds or part of the problem.

Either way, I want them out.

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