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I've never seen a judge cry over his own ruling. I suppose it has happened, but I've never seen it and I've been in and out of a zillion courtrooms for going on 40 years.

So today when Judge Seidlin broke down reading his ruling that Anna Nicole should be buried next to her son, Daniel, I was tempted to be amazed. But then after watching this circus for the last few days, how can anyone be amazed? What can one say about Judge Larry that he hasn't already said about himself?

We've learned so much about him: where he goes on vacation, that his wife yells at him for not watching the kids, how he brings the in-laws along, how he once drove a cab, how he wanted to make sure he walked out of the courthouse on his last day instead of being carried out. And that's just openers.

People ask if Judge Larry seems like Judge Ito in the O.J. trial. People remember the dancing Itos but tend to forget the so-called search for the truth, which was Ito's judicial slogan.

I don't think we were watching a search for the truth in the Anna Nicole deal. Every time there was a chance to wrestle the truth to the ground it became clear that the truth in the Anna Nicole case wasn't the business of Judge Larry. He was just to decide where she is buried.

Like the rest of us he wanted to know who impregnated her; he wanted to know who gave her all the drugs; he wanted to know who sold her out and mugged her reputation, mind, and body for money. But Judge Larry was just like the rest of us. He could wonder about those things, but he had no power to really get the answers.

In the end he gave up and just ordered the burial, which was his job all along. The truth waits to be discovered.

That's My Word.

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