Why John Bolton's Exit From the U.N. Is Bad for America

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John Bolton is out at the U.N., and the United States and the United Nations will be poorer for it. The Euros and the Arabs at the U.N. are dancing in the aisles.

Bolton was a big problem at the U.N. because he put America's interests first. Therefore he was an offense. Truth is, Bolton wanted the U.N. cleaned up, and there were just too many people on the gravy train over there who wanted to make sure he didn't get that job done.

Let's not forget this was the place where Saddam was able to blatantly bribe the Security Council. This was the place where the secretary-general's son was stuffing his pockets with illicit cash and nobody — nobody — wanted him called on it. This was the place where U.N. peacekeepers were sexually abusing teenage and sub-teenage girls while stationed in Africa and all anybody at the U.N. did was sweep it under the rug.

Bolton turned out to be a fine diplomat, despite what they all said before he arrived. He was supposed to be difficult, and he was supposed to be rude. He did in fact say years ago that you could lose the top floors at the U.N. and it wouldn't hurt a thing. And he was right. But once on the job he behaved with perfect courtesy and diplomatic aplomb.

The problem was he remembered that he worked for the president of the United States and the people of the United States and he refused to be co-opted by the same bunch that allowed Saddam to buy them off with Oil-for-Food money.

Yes, it was the American Senate — one or two senators in particular — who did Bolton in. But it was world opinion which weighed on those senators. People worry far too much about what the world thinks of us and far too little of what we think of the world. Bolton is a casualty of that misplaced sense of priorities.

By rights, we should be so entirely done with the U.N. that it moves to Paris or, better yet, to Africa. But they won't go. They've got a free run of the world's greatest city, and the ability to thumb their noses at Americans and their president right inside the borders of the United States itself. Why would they ever want to leave when they've got it so good here?

That's My Word.

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