Why Is N.Y. Times Convinced We've Already Lost Iraq War?

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I thought I needed to get a translation from Arabic to read today's New York Times editorial. I'll save you the tortured reasoning that gets us to the last line, but here is The New York Times editorial conclusion today: "There is no possible triumph in Iraq, and very little hope left."

For starters, if there were no possible triumph in Iraq there would be no hope left, not just very little hope left. But aside from that, you have to wonder what it feels like to be one of the many American soldiers who are getting ready to deploy to see that editorial. Fortunately, not many read The New York Times.

And by the way, I don't expect The Times or any other media to mindlessly cheer continuing a war that has been lost. I don't think we would go on wasting lives, money and time on a war that has been lost.

Who thinks the situation with the American surge in Iraq has been lost? Aside from The Times, most responsible figures — including prominent Democrats — are withholding final judgments, even if they are highly skeptical.

Bill Maher says the war is lost. The New York Times says the war is lost. Tim Russert has several times asked panelists on "Meet the Press," "When are Republicans going to tell Bush, 'Mr. President, the war is lost'?"

But many, many others believe the consequences of actually losing are far too great to be in a huge rush to lose. John McCain questioned Democrats who applauded the passage of the anti-war vote, asking: What were they cheering for? A defeat, a surrender?

The problem with The Times and Bill Maher is that their hate for George W. Bush has clouded their vision. If he's for it, they must be against it. If he warns of the dire consequences of losing this war, they react with an instant declaration that we have lost and are defeated.

What does The New York Times think will happen if its wish comes true and we really do lose? The New York Times should be afraid, and think more about what it is going to say we should do then except curse Bush.

Losing is not something to hold a parade for, even if the parade is schedule for Times Square.

That's My Word.

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