Why Is Canada So Tiresome?

I must say I was a little befuddled watching George W. Bush in Canada.

There he was, saying nice things, making nice all over Canadians... and what were we hearing from the Canadian media and politicians?

They were wondering if they really ought to accept Bush's obvious apology, when they still wanted to dislike him enormously and still wanted to oppose and condemn U.S. policies like pre-emptive war... insisting that the guy who was trying to make nice was wrong, wrong, wrong.

It was so so tiresome.

Here is a country which cannot provide for its own defense, which insists nobody wants to invade it because they are so nice and don't tick people off (like those brutish bullies, the Americans.)

Here is a country which depends on America for 85% of its products for $1 billion a day in cross-border business, which depends on America to provide an audience for all those Canadian entertainers who would starve to death if they had to depend on a Canadian audience for their paychecks.

We're talking about a country which spends all its time comparing itself to its huge neighbor and saying to itself, "We're better. We're smarter. We're with the world, and America is out of step."

This is the country whose politicians called President Bush a moron, and referred to Americans as bastards, and refused to help in a war the U.S. wanted to fight — in fact, refuses to believe that the 9/11 attacks on America were unprovoked. The U.S. had it coming, they say.

OK, OK... it's a minority which says all those things, but the minority is the elected politicians and the snooty condescending media.

So here they were standing around saying, "OK, Bush is here to apologize... should we shake his hand or spit at his feet?"

Frankly, Canada, it's all a bit tiresome to us. Would you like us to just ignore you?

That's My Word.

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