Al Gore is back. That must mean the Obama administration has decided they have health care in the bag and they're now turning their attention to the climate change bill.

So, Gore is showing up all over the friendly confines of the Obama-adoring, health care reform-promoting, climate change-endorsing media outlets like MSNBC and ABC.

Unfortunately for Al, something happened on the way to carbon-trading bank. A scattered shower of journalism broke out on "Good Morning America" when Diane Sawyer surprised him with this:


DIANE SAWYER, ANCHOR, "GOOD MORNING AMERICA": Here is Glenn Beck giving a challenge to you about cows and methane.


BECK: I'm siding with PETA on this one, once again asking Al Gore: If you really want to save the planet, Al, why don't you put down the cheeseburgers and pick up your veggie burger? Time for maybe soy milk and tofurkey.



FORMER VICE PRESIDENT AL GORE: Well, you know, there is a serious issue about the connection between the growing meat intensity of diets around the world and damage to the environment. That is a legitimate issue.

And like a lot of people, I eat less meat now than I used to. I'm not a vegetarian and don't plan to become one. But it's a healthy choice to eat more vegetables and fruits. So it's not a laughable issue. Diet is an issue that is connected.

But the biggest issue by far is CO2. And methane comes from a lot of sources including — it is the principal component of natural gas — coal mines, rice, a lot of sources. And it plays a somewhat larger role than scientists thought in the past.

SAWYER: So tofurkey for you?

GORE: I don't plan to.


As my grandfather used to say, "He looked as uncomfortable as a prostitute in church." I think there is something more uncomfortable: He looked as uncomfortable as an honest man in Washington. But, you usually do you uncomfortable when you're deceitful.

Gore even deceived us about the biggest cause of this horrific problem. According to the chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change — Al Gore's beloved IPCC — "The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has estimated that direct emissions from meat production account for about 18 percent of the world's total greenhouse gas emissions," he told BBC News.

Get this: Transport, by contrast, accounts for just 13 percent of humankind's greenhouse gas footprint — according to the IPCC.

So, according to the IPCC, eating meat is worse than all the cars, trucks, SUVs, buses, trains, planes, private jets and, presumably, space shuttle launches... combined.

Well, maybe they're just one of the tiny — tiny — minority that don't agree with him; people who believe that the Earth is flat and the moon landing was faked? What has Al said about the IPCC in the past?


GORE: I think that we have all made some progress, thanks in large measure to the fantastic work of the scientists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

And it's important to realize that these 2,500 scientists at the top of their fields all around the world have now issued four unanimous reports. In spite of that, there is still work to do.


Hmm, like not eating meat? Al Gore called their work, "fantastic" and said they were "unanimous."

I'm sorry Al, I thought this was all about saving the planet? If that's the goal here, if global warming or climate change or whatever you want to call it is so bad that the planet on which we live is literally on the brink of catastrophe, as you have continually told us, I would think you would do anything it takes to get the job done — including giving up your cheeseburgers!

I mean, to me, if you buy into this hoax, giving up meat seems a small price to pay to save the planet.

This isn't about saving the planet. There was a story in The New York Times on Tuesday about the 10s or 100s of millions — no one really knows exactly, only his accountant knows for sure — but who knows how much money Al Gore is making from this climate change hysteria.

Now, you know I'm the most enthusiastic capitalist since Adam Smith. I have no problem with anyone making money. If I could sell sponsorships on my extra chins, I would: "Glenn's 3rd chin tonight is brought to you by... Goodyear!" Not a problem. But this money-making scam is cloaked in phony righteousness, lies and "solutions" that will cost us our entire economy.

Al, if you are seriously concerned that "the Earth has a temperature," put down the T-bone and pick up some broccoli. Get out of the Gulfstream 550 and get on a bicycle. Stop using 20 times the energy in your home every month that the average American uses in a year.

When I see you make those changes for climate change, I might — might — start to be concerned about sea levels, hurricanes that didn't even happen this year and crowded, endangered, polar bears that have only increased in population by a factor of five since the 1970s.

In the meantime, I'd just like to thank Diane Sawyer, for pointing out that Al Gore might — just might — be disingenuous.

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