Why Iran Should Be Afraid if Hillary Is Elected President

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Guess who said this? "If Iran does not comply with its own commitments and the will of the international community, all options must remain on the table."

Did you guess saber-rattling George W. Bush, continuing his campaign of veiled threats of bombing against Iran over its nuke bomb program? Good guess, but wrong.

That was Hillary Clinton, writing about her foreign policy ideas in Foreign Affairs quarterly, the big brain publication wonks spoon up like pudding down in Washington and in capitals overseas.

So Hillary says she'd bomb Iran. This is both a problem for Iran and for the far left here at home. That's because despite the fact Hillary Clinton has spent a lot of time wooing the far left, which doesn't like her and doesn't trust her, mostly over the vote for the Iraq war and her recent statement that she could not promise to bring the troops home from Iraq during her first four-year term should she be elected.

Now another insult to the far left, and it seems to me that when it comes to the power of a president to make war, she has put those lefties in her rearview mirror.

She will talk their game about children's health care and taxing the oil companies, but when it comes to exercising real power — the power to blow things up on the other side of the planet — she doesn't seem to care about the hard left anymore.

I won't try to argue that Hillary isn't a classic American lefty. But I would argue that as she gets closer to the levers of power, she is the last one you would expect to say those levers shouldn't be used.

Of course, she will say George W. Bush was wrong to use power as he did, and she will change domestic policy in big ways if she is elected.

Watch for her to maintain presidential war powers. After all, why be president if you can't act like one?

And by the way, Iran. One word of advice: If Hillary is sworn in, duck.

That's My Word.

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