Why Insurgents in Iraq Think They're Winning

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So how much damage did Harry Reid do when he blurted out recently that the war is lost? Well look no further than the "Today" show and the interview by Matt Lauer of John Burns, the intrepid New York Times reporter who has been in Iraq so long it's a miracle he's alive with all his parts.

John Burns has been on this show before. He's a smart guy, and his politics — whatever they might be — are well concealed.

So he tells Lauer this morning that in Iraq the insurgents are well aware of the direction America is moving, they can feel America tipping, and all they have to do is push some more. "They know the political dynamic in the United States is moving in a direction that is probably going to be favorable to them," Burns said.

Hmmm, where could the insurgents have gotten that idea?

For instance, do the insurgents in Iraq log on to George Soros' moveon.org where they would see everyday that the war is lost and they can soon claim victory?

Do they just watch the news and see and hear the leader of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate declare the war is lost, and then hear the lion of the Senate, the honorable Sen. Kennedy, back up Reid and say Reid was right?

Maybe they go on the Huffington Post and read that Bush has lost the war and he has no support.

Maybe they read that on the Daily Kos, the liberal Web site whose orders to Democrats John Kerry and John Edwards and Barack Obama scurry to obey?

The declarations that would warm the hearts of insurgents are spoken everyday on network television and are posted everyday on the Democrat Party blogs.

Insurgents in Iraq only act like they come from the Stone Age. In fact they are modern people who know how to find out how their enemy's morale is holding up.

According to The New York Times' own editorial page, declarations that the war is lost contribute to the sense among insurgents that they almost have this thing won.

If they can only get Bush out of the way. He still worries them because he will send armies to kill them — if the Dems let him.

That's My Word.

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