Republicans, Democrats. I guess I can be a little rude with them all. Maybe even abrasive. And maybe more than a few of you have had it.

R.T. via Charternet writes:

"Cavuto, what a rude, obnoxious man… quite honestly, I think you have become a number one jerk."

Kevin in London writes:

"News flash, pumpkin head, it's not about you. It's about the guest. Listen, you might learn. Doubt it, but you might.

Eleanor in New York — this one is my favorite:

"I find you to be the most self-absorbed, self-important, self-loving, gravelly-voiced, guest-loathing, horrid suit-wearing host on TV. And that's saying a lot. It's a wonder anyone comes on your show. Do you give them money?"

Wow. Well, Eleanor I do not give them money. But I do interrupt them. And I do have an excuse. I am tired of excuses. And I won't tolerate them here.

I won't tolerate stump speeches or canned responses. Time is of the essence here so that's why I ask fairly direct questions here to get to the point here. Now it might strike some of you as rude not to let a politician make such a pitch. It strikes me as even ruder to allow it.

And here's why:

God knows you've heard the stump speech so I demand they get off the stump. Sure, it jolts them. And clearly, you. But I am out not to be mean. I am out simply to get answers. And the second I see a politician veer to the stump, I go to the bump. I stop them.

The politician who argues that an earmark isn't an earmark when it is. Or insists this is a new era of responsibility when it is not. I guess part of living in a very politically correct society is we politely let those who lead us say incorrect things, Republican or Democrat.

Not here. Not me. Not ever.

It is not that I think I’m better. It's just that I fear they're giving us worse. And I want them to answer for it. And answer to you. Not with speeches we've heard a million times, but clarity we never get any time.

So I apologize to those I offend. But I’d be apologizing more to those I let down because I did not. The way I figure it, politicians make speeches all the time out there. I just remind one and all who come on this show two words: Not here.

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