'Why I Hate Blacks' Author Defends Column

This is a partial transcript of "The Big Story With John Gibson," March 5, 2007, that has been edited for clarity.

JOHN GIBSON, HOST: Now for a "Big Story" exclusive: the author of the column "Why I Hate Blacks."

Last week we told you about the overtly racist column which was published in San Francisco's AsianWeek. At that point the editor of the paper had apologized for publishing the column and since then he has also fired the writer, Kenneth Eng.

What made Eng write that column in the first place? Why does he say that he hates blacks and whites and even his fellow Asians? With me now is self-proclaimed Asian supremacist Kenneth Eng.

So, Mr. Eng, have you changed your mind?

KENNETH ENG, AUTHOR OF "WHY I HATE BLACKS": Well no, and personally if I'm racist then so is Sofia Coppola. And more importantly I'd like to talk about the philosophy of "Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate," which tells a story about cyborg dragons fighting in the Middle Ages. And in this realm, evolution has worked in a more logical way, even though it's in a fantasy setting which makes it logical that dragons are more superior than humans, in that they have intelligence and are larger and they can...

GIBSON: You're talking about some of your science fiction writing. You're a science fiction writer, correct?

ENG: Yes, but it relates to this as well.

GIBSON: But in your column you say, "I hate black people." In an earlier column you said you hate white people. You also said in an earlier column, evidently, I hate Asians. Now why is it you have, I mean, do you really believe that? You hate all those different people?

ENG: Well, I generally hate black and white people, but the Asian article was sarcastic. It's kind of like the sarcasm I had in my novel, in which dragons slay tons and tons of humans. But this relates to — in the sense that dragons logically follow evolution so they would be able to wield metal.

GIBSON: Right, but you don't have any regrets about saying something as overtly racist as you hate somebody because they're black or because they're white?

ENG: Evidently Sofia Coppola and Quentin Tarantino have nothing against that and neither does Shaquille O'Neal and Chris Tucker. So I have no regrets at all.

GIBSON: Why do you hate blacks?

ENG: Well, you know, just to be blunt, 90 percent of them usually walk up to me and call me, you know, like for instance, ching-chong and stuff like that. I mean, I don't really give a damn, but you know, I mean, after a while it gets pretty damn annoying. And not to mention they get so much media attention. But you know, I mean aside from that, you probably want to know why I call myself the god of the universe as well.

GIBSON: No, I wasn't going to ask you about that. Why do you hate white people?

ENG: Well, you know, I mean, part of that is the fact that so many of them are Christians and religion is obviously [no audio] like a pathetic religion, just like any other religion. And the reason why I call myself god of the universe is because it's a play on religion. It's a parody.


GIBSON: You seem very angry. What are you angry about? Why are you angry at so many different kinds of people?

ENG: First of all, I would just like to say that solipsism proves that my philosophy is that since I am the only consciousness I'm aware of, any solipsism must be real. Therefore, since perception creates reality, in both the quantum and relativistic realms, I must be god. So the only reason why — so if there is such a thing as god, then he's me. Either worship me or, you know, forsake religion.

GIBSON: Why are you so angry?

ENG: What's that?

GIBSON: Why are you so angry?

ENG: Me, well I mean after living an entire life of being discriminated against and just seeing, you know, just seeing white and black people get away with it so overtly, especially if you read my articles about my experiences at NYU. I mean, you know, it's kind of hard not to get angry.

GIBSON: Kenneth Eng, the fired columnist from AsianWeek. Kenneth, thank you.

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