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So how does the world end?

If you can believe "The Sopranos," it will end by cutting to black and silence.

You will probably think your cable went out. You might ask your spouse if somebody paid the bill. You won't believe it can end just like that.

Things are going along, somebody reaches for the onion rings, and there is a bell that rings in the background, and then... black and silence.

This is the end David Chase devised for the last of "The Sopranos." The last gasp, if you will, of a seven-year run.

I was in a room with friends last night who were on the edge of their seats. During the last five minutes there were cries of "here it comes, here it comes" at various moments in that five minutes. And it never came.

You could feel it coming: a gun from frame left, a bomb lights up the restaurant, Meadow sees the whole thing from the street. You could just feel the suspense, not only in your own living room watching your own TV, but in millions of others around the country where people had gathered to see if Tony lives or Tony dies.

So which is it? Is he alive or dead?

The cutting to black trick turns "The Sopranos" into a one-size-fits-all Rorschach test. You can put any ending you want on this one. And the other thing it does is leave the door wide open for more "Sopranos."

I know they said goodbye, and they are all saying this is it. And it might be. The ending allows it to be over. But it also allows David Chase to bring back the cast in a movie, or a movie and a sequel and maybe another sequel. How many "Die Hards" has Bruce Willis done now?

After all, it must be galling that both Al Gore and Michael Moore have made way more money with their absolutely crummy movies than James Gandolfini has made with a brilliant TV series. Movies make way, way, way more money. Why should Tony settle for an envelope that's light?

I predict a movie. "Sopranos Are Back" or something. Who cares what it's called? My guess is it wasn't the end of "The Sopranos" after all.

That's My Word.

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