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You may have noticed that Bush is getting kicked around by everybody now. The left has been at it for years. He has a bruise in the shape of a left foot on his rear end. But now even the conservatives are having a go at him, and here's the reason: You just gotta.

Who's sticking with Bush now that this war has been declared a loss and most people believe it? Who's going to stick with him when there is so much downside that his very name is a laugh line for the late-night comics and the comics pretending to be news anchors?

Even Newt Gingrich went after Bush the other day, effectively doing the Republicans a favor by showing them how to get a little space between themselves and the president who now is a one-man vote killer.

Conservatives are especially angry with him over the immigration plan and the president's response to conservative opposition, which was to attack them — his very own people. And now other conservatives are saying Bush screwed up the missile bases in Europe.

So in the bash Bush catalog of tricks we have a war we shouldn't have been fighting, and we have a war we're not fighting right even if you think it was the right thing to do in the first place. And we've got immigration and giving lawbreakers a free ride. And we've got Bush starting the Cold War all over again.

There is no incumbent running for president; no heir apparent running for president. You've got 10 on the Dem side and 10 on the Republican side, and they all have an interest in bashing Bush. Nobody is saying elect me and I'll give you four more years.

So, expect more of this. Not because it's deserved necessarily. It's just that this happens every four years, and when things are going badly, the players like to start early and play late.

It's that season again, and Crawford must be looking better and better to George.

That's My Word.

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