I don't know if Bill Bennett (search) still has his foot in his mouth, but it was in there pretty good after he said that thing about aborting black babies would reduce the crime rate.

Of course, aborting all babies would reduce the crime rate, and if he were trying to make a point about the absurdity of some ideas, that might have been a better way to do it.

In the firestorm of protest nobody seems to be able to remember that, as a matter of fact, Bennett is opposed to aborting any babies, black or white or brown or green.

But if you listen to Al Sharpton (search) and John Conyers (search) Friday, you'd think Bennett was in favor of aborting black babies.

He's clearly not, if his past statements count for anything, so what's this all about?

It's the biggest gotcha moment in quite a while, I'll grant you that.

And as such, it's a good way to smear Republicans and conservatives. Bennett said that. He's a conservative, therefore all conservatives think that. Gotcha.

The fact is, liberals don't want black people thinking about abortion because if black people were to give abortion much thought they might soon realize this sacred cow of the liberal agenda — abortion — has been very bad for African Americans.

Since Roe v. Wade made abortion legal, there have been 10 million African American abortions. That's ten million fewer black people among us that would have been here otherwise.

Now if I were a black political leader I might say to myself, "How long can I go on losing 10 million voters every 30 or so years?

If I were a concerned African American community activist I might be thinking, "Would our community have better political power, better constituent power if there were 10 million more of us?" I might wonder if the meteoric rise of the Hispanic population — surging ahead of African Americans — might have anything at all to do with the missing black people.

And liberals don't want black people hearing about those arguments white liberals have with white conservatives about abortion in which the white liberal eventually defends his pro-abortion position by saying, "Well, they'll just grow up poor and be criminals anyway."

This whole stink in large part may be about liberals not wanting blacks to think about abortion.

That's My Word.

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