Why Do We Need Another Liberal Blog?

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My friend Arianna Huffington (search) is launching a blog on May 9 for Hollywood liberals. In the grand Hollywood tradition of putting one's name out in front, it will be called "The Huffington Post." The blog's objective is to mostly give Hollywood liberals a platform for their views.

Some liberal Democrat politicians, like New Jersey Sen. John Corzine (search), have also promised to contribute.

My question is this: What don't we know about the politics of Hollywood celebrities that this blog will reveal?

Let's see, we know they are pro-abortion and pro-gay rights. They want more regulation over the cars we drive, but not theirs. They show up at environmental gatherings in SUV's or chauffeur-driven limos. They seem to be on the side of everything that red state Americans are against. There doesn't seem to be a war they think is worth fighting for a principle worth defending. They think higher taxes and bigger government are good … but so do some Republicans.

They are self-absorbed, face-lifting, Botox-injecting, breast-augmenting, GOP-bashing, serial-marrying, Democrat-voting, Michael Moore-loving and fornication-practicing as a divine right … if they believed in the divine.

Barbra Streisand has her own Web page. Anyone can visit it for the liberal line. Or they can read the New York Times editorial page. Why do we need another liberal blog?

Arianna, you used to be a conservative? Maybe it's the water in Hollywood that changed you.

And that's Column One for this week.

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