Why Democrats Are Failing in Congress

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Congress is a mess and you can blame the two people who promised to clean it up: Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Harry Reid has led the Senate like Mr. Rogers got lost on the way home to get his sweater. He was actually complaining today about the weather getting cold... the day before Halloween. You can blame Bush for a lot of things, but the fact it's getting chilly on November 1 seems a bit much.

As for Nancy Pelosi, one wonders if she isn't shattered over the fact the latest RealClearPolitics polling average shows her Congress scores a lower approval rating than President Bush. And considering the war was his idea, that's saying something.

So why are the Democrats failing under the Capitol dome?

According to Patrick O'Connor of Politico.com it's because Nancy Pelosi has been both outfoxed by Republicans and she has been so confrontational that the GOP team has no reason to help her out, even with issues where they agree.

So the Dems couldn't end the war, then they turned to children's health, but couldn't even get that passed, even though some Republicans actually wanted to vote for it.

So why didn't they? Because Pelosi's out-of-control far left was running ads against those Republicans in their own districts at the same time they were trying to work out a deal. The Dems got the satisfaction of seeing their nasty TV ads, but didn't get anything for kids' health programs. Smart it was not.

Fact is, the far left hates these supposedly national Democrat leaders. And since the leaders can't control the wild-eyed bomb throwers, the far-left anarchists rule by fouling things up at key moments.

Pelosi and Reid are prisoners of the far, far left, and since they cannot escape, therefore they cannot lead.

That's My Word.

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