Bill Clinton was right.

I know that shocks people to hear a Republican like me say that, but even when I disagreed with Bill Clinton, I always enjoyed a very decent personal relationship with him and still do. As they say in the mafia, our disagreements were never personal, just business.

Bill Clinton wasn't right about everything, but there was a very telling moment during the campaign of 2008 when in a moment of unrehearsed candor, he burst out with a statement that has proven to make him right:


FORMER PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON: Give me a break. This whole thing is the biggest fairytale I've even seen.


This weekend, President Obama and Nancy Pelosi are strong-arming the members of Congress to vote on a bill that is over 2,000 pages long. Most members of Congress haven't read it and don't understand it. For them to say that it will give us all free health care and not raise the deficit is just a big fairy tale.

You'll pay taxes to cover the cost for three years before you even get benefits. That's like paying rent for three years before you get to move into your apartment. You're promised that it won't bust the budget. That's a big fairy tale.

You're told that it isn't about forcing us to pay for abortions, but the provisions in the bill do in fact insist that abortion be covered — promises to the contrary — a big fairy tale.

We were promised an open process that would be broadcast on C-SPAN, instead the entire thing happening behind locked doors — a big fairy tale.

We're told it will help people with cancer, but you have to wait six months without coverage before you get in the high-risk pool and by then, you could be in the dead pool — a big fairy tale.

We were promised that there would be time to read it and ask questions; no new taxes on small businesses, and it wouldn't ration care — a big fairy tale.

There's so much more, but in this fairy tale, we don't live happily ever after. In this fairy tale, the big bad wolf does eat us:


FORMER PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON: Give me a break. This whole thing is the biggest fairytale I've even seen.


Yep, Bill Clinton was right… and it's time that we tell Congress that if they push this down our throats when the majority of Americans don't want it, they need to make sure to take a good long look at the Christmas decorations at the Capitol this year, because we the people plan to make sure that it's the last Christmas they are looking at them as members of Congress.

And that's no fairy tale.

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