You might have seen a sampling of the worst of European headlines reacting to the Bush victory.

"Four More Years" became an indictment for the United Kingdom's The Independent.

And the Daily Mirror in London — so anti-war that it would chew its own leg off before admitting it was good that Saddam was gone — asked how 59 million Americans could "be so dumb?"

The Daily Mirror also called Bush the "yellow rogue of Texas," and a "gibbon" — which is a monkey, as for as insults go.

The Guardian ran a headline, "Great Vote, Grisly Result."

The sober and restrained Financial Times headlined one column, "Sentenced to Four More Years."

In fact, the Financial Times' Amity Shlaes, an American writing from New York, informed her readers in the U.K. and Europe that Bush's victory undermined a common notion that Euros hold about the U.S.: "the American right is essentially marginal and contemptible."

Contemptible? Ms. Shlaes is right: That is how they think about the "red state" people over there: So wrong they are contemptible.

Consequently the horror of the Kerry loss is simply devastating. Here these nice Brits and Euros have been earnestly lecturing Americans and the Americans refused to listen.

Don't they see their president is a dope?

Don't they see he is a war-mongering thug who has to go?

Don't they see how he stubbornly and stupidly won't go along with very good ideas hatched by the Euros, like the global warming treaty?

It's one thing to have to endure Bush, but 60 million other Americans just like him? It's just too much.

My friend Peter Roff at United Press International (search) sent out a little story Thursday about the county in Ohio that The Guardian newspaper targeted with earnest letters from Brits explaining to poor, thick Americans in a backwater like Ohio why Bush should be sent to Crawford.

Guess what? That Ohio county went for Bush.

You know what this means? The Brits and Euros are through blaming Bush. Now, it's your fault! You re-elected him, stupid.

That summer vacation in Orlando is looking better, isn't it?

That's My Word.

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