We're so busy vilifying Vladimir Putin over this Russian bullying of Georgia, that we forgot to blame someone else: ourselves.

That's right: us.

We created this beast. We catered to this beast. Our very energy companies sacrificed contracts broken and properties seized in Russia just to have a stake in this beast.

This beast's oil. They figured it was worth it. Worth the shakedowns and takedowns of oil facilities they built and the Russians seized.

We built them up. He spit us out.

And yet, as The Wall Street Journals' Holman Jenkins writes, no amount of Russian mayhem seems to be able to dissuade these companies from throwing good money after bad in pursuit of these Russian resources.

It's like that old "Animal House" bit, where the fraternity kid's getting whacked and keeps shouting, "Thank you, sir. May I have another?"

Only this "Animal House" is our House of Representatives.

Where Nancy Pelosi plays the lead oil whacker, making punching bags of oil companies and no doubt, providing cover for Putin to do whatever the hell he wants to oil companies.

We won't defend them. Why should he? So he doesn't. He won't. We wouldn't. We don't.

And Putin gets to be, well Putin: a thug, a bully and a calculated cold warrior. One who reads us very well and reads our divisions better.

Our oil companies were too eager to sell their souls to the devil and ended up funding a butcher. And our Congress too stupid to see through the slime of their oily posturing that they enabled the butcher.

And now the butcher doesn't have to play games or coax money to build an oil infrastructure. In the case of Georgia, he can just seize it, knowing full well, there is nothing we can or will do about it.

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