Do you want to know the trick to financial prosperity? Spend less than you make.

That's it. That's really it. Class dismissed.

Yet so many dismiss that; that it's better to have more money coming in than going out.

Yet so many folks forget that. Companies too.

Companies like General Motors.

Because you know what number tells you all you need to know about GM? This one: $172.8 billion. That's the company's total debt — what GM owes.

Now another number: $82.29 billion. That's the company's total assets — what GM has.

Put another way, GM owes a lot more than it has. It has more bills it must pay than bills to pay them.

Think about that. GM is that upside down. It owes more than twice what it has.

It's not alone.

Where it is kind of alone, is that unlike a lot of folks in similar situations, in this situation, the government came to the rescue and put more money in, so GM can dig itself out.

We'd never be so fortunate. Although some are. Those who fall so deep in debt, so fast and have so loud a scream or are so politically important, that they are rescued.

Again, most are not. So 6 million out-of-work Americans stew, as 50,000 GM jobs are saved.

I know it seems upside down; that we're rewarding those who are upside down and all paid for by folks who are right-side up. Folks who suddenly open up the bill for all this and feel something else: down — very down.

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