So, The New Yorker, otherwise known as Highlights for Liberals, ran a cartoon on their cover with Senator Barack Obama in Muslim clothing, with his wife dressed like a Black Power revolutionary, complete with automatic rifle. A burning American flag was present, near a portrait of Usama bin Laden.

Of course this wasn't meant to bash Barack, rather it was an attack on his critics — a commentary on those who sensationalize Obama's perceived flaws. Basically The New Yorker cover suggests that anyone who finds Obama to be less than a cross between Jesus Christ and gorgeous unicorn, to be a racist creep.

Which is why Obama's response has been so hilarious and telling. His campaign called the cartoon "tasteless and offensive."

But to whom, exactly?

Is it offensive to liberals? No -- the cartoon is the shield that protects "the chosen one" from criticism.

Is it offensive to conservatives? Who cares? The New Yorker hates those jerks.

Is it offensive to terrorists? Come on, everyone knows terrorists don't read The New Yorker. They prefer the Daily Kos for their politics and Cat Fancy for their masturbatory fantasies -- or maybe I have it backwards.

So, what have we learned? That Senator Obama isn't as hip and facile as his slavish followers would have us believe. In a sense, he can't take a joke, even one that's kissing his ass.

And as the polls show McCain and Obama neck and neck, we're going to see more of the new Obama: Less Christ-like and more calculating; less perfect and more preening.

Whether the New Yorker cares to lampoon that is another story.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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