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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: The chief prosecutor of Aruba, Hans Mos, slams "On the Record" in a new press release. The release starts off denying the accuracy of a recent Associated Press report, not our report, but the AP report.

And the AP report says a new witness has come forward in the Natalee Holloway case, a witness giving information about Natalee's disappearance by Joran van der Sloot.

The prosecutor says the witness is not new and her statement provides no leads that will help solve the case. That's, of course, the AP investigation.

Then Mos unloads on us. We have a different investigation. And the press release states in part, "This office was contacted as early as July, 2008, by a tabloid show concerning a new videotape of Joran van der Sloot discussing the Natalee Holloway case in Thailand.

A producer from the tabloid show purporting to have this tape is made this office aware of the contents. This office does not feel that the contents of the tape have any value as evidence at this point. Our investigation results do not show any corroboration of this new story whatsoever."

Let's bring in the legal panel, criminal defense attorneys Michael Cardoza, Bernie Grimm and Ted Williams.

And let me just say a couple of things. He has no idea what we have, because he didn't want to see it. He does go on in his press release to say, "In a personal conversation between the host of the tabloid show" -- that's me, I'm the host of the tabloid show being which was about 10 days ago, which he admits, that "the prosecution says the offer to see the videotape was withdrawn because of the host's other business commitments in the U.S."

Well, that he not true. What was left was a take it or leave it suggestion to meet in Miami over the weekend. Indeed, I did offer to fly down to Miami and show it to him. He doesn't want to see it.

And he says the host is not willing to show it to the police. Well, in some ways he is telling the truth, because frankly, I don't have an enormous amount of confidence in the Aruban police. Call me silly--Ted?

TED WILLIAMS, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: You know, Hans Mos, shame, shame. How dare you call this reputable show a tabloid show.

VAN SUSTEREN: I don't care about that.

WILLIAMS: I do care about that.

VAN SUSTEREN: Here's what I care about, is that his big enemy in this case is not the fact that he's got a missing teen. It's that he has some complaint with a TV show in the United States because he won't get out of his office to look at a tape.

WILLIAMS: Think about it--if there is a tape, and you have a tape --

VAN SUSTEREN: I have a tape. We have a tape, we have a tape.

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WILLIAMS: Then one would believe that he would send an investigator or someone down to look at the contents of that tape to make a determination as to the validity of it.

VAN SUSTEREN: I will say this -- I wanted him to see it, because he has subpoena power. And it is a damnable lie to say that it has no credibility, because he's never even seen it to follow up on the lead.

So, yes, I do not trust the Aruban police. And, yes, he has subpoena power. He's the prosecutor. I went straight to him.

BERNIE GRIMM, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: I'm troubled if the credibility I've built over fifty years, and all of a sudden I'm next to you on a stage and I'm now tabloid-esque. I'm going to go out on--

VAN SUSTEREN: You've been friends with me long before that.

GRIMM: I guess tabloid is an improvement.

It's not really complicated for me. You have a tape. What's the--

VAN SUSTEREN: We have more.

GRIMM: What's the downside of looking at it? I simply don't get it. I have no legal analysis. I don't have anything cute or fancy to say. Just look at the damn tape.

VAN SUSTEREN: He says he has no idea what the contents are. Let me repeat--he says, "The office does not feel the contents of the tape has any value of evidence at this point." He's never bothered to look at it-- Michael?

MICHAEL CARDOZA, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: I'll tell you what. When I was a prosecutor, I would sit and I would read police reports. I would read transcripts. And I would think, gosh, this witness is going to be great. Then they march him on or her into my office, and I go, "Oh, my God, they're not worth anything. Their credibility is nothing."

So what Hans is doing is reading, or taking someone else's word, that this evidence --

VAN SUSTEREN: I'm telling you, Michael, he doesn't know.

CARDOZA: That's my point.


VAN SUSTEREN: That's the irony of it.

CARDOZA: That is my point. My point is he can't make a determination from just assuming or listening to someone about what's on the tape. He's got to see it. He's got to see it.

VAN SUSTEREN: But what's more twisted about this is not only won't he see it, and I've offered to meet him halfway on a weekend. Not only that, but what he did was he lashes out at a TV show and issues a press release. So obviously, he's back in Aruba watching, but--


CARDOZA: The heck with his ego. It's ego why he won't get involved.

VAN SUSTEREN: I have to go, but here's the offer. If he wants to meet me in Miami between now and Monday night, he will get to see it well ahead of everybody else. I will still do this, because I think it's important for him to see it, to either corroborate it or disprove it.

Anyway, thank you, gentlemen.

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