Who's Laughing Now?

I was driving home and heard a radio discussion, featuring foreigners commenting on Arnold Schwarzenegger's run for California governor (search). I think they included a couple of French guys, some woman from England and a teenager from Germany. Almost universally, they were amused.

The British woman actually said something like, "that's America, for you. Silly stuff."

The French dudes were even worse. They said it made this country look like a laughing stock.

Oh, really?

Well, messieurs, you may have a problem with a couple of hundred people wanting to run the biggest state in the United States. But I don't.

You may say they've made a mockery of the process. But I don't. I say they've restored the fun in the process.

You may think Californians are nutty. But I don't. Those nuts have created the fifth largest economy in the world. Larger than your sorry Chablis-sipping, socialist selves, I might point out.

You may think it vulgar a stripper runs for office. But I don't. In this country, anyone can run for any office.

And you may think you have the market cornered on good government. But I don't.

Because I'd much rather have a stripper, an actor and a comedian duke it out, than a lifelong poll, a socialist and a bureaucrat debate what cradle-to-grave government programs should win out.

You might call our process silly and comical. I call your arrogance obnoxious and revolting.

You might wallop the state of our affairs. I'd take any of our states over any of your affairs.

Because at least in this country, we lay it all out. Given all your desperate economies, it seems some of you foreigners have yet to figure anything out.

I'd sooner see an actor take a shot at leading, than a socialist take a shot at any of us governing.

We're not perfect. I'm just glad we're not you.

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