Who's Being Fair to Whom?

I recently received the following e-mail from Hans H. in Honolulu, Hawaii:

"You questioned why the Democrats are not praising Mr. Bush... did you ever stop to think that it might be because of his illegal dealings at Harken? Or maybe that he is defending Mr. Cheney for his illegal corporate dealings... I understand that Fox has certain restrictions on what you can say and not say about the president, so we understand your allegiance. But don't talk down to your viewers, please."

Hans, where do I begin?

No one — no one — tells me what to say on the air. Much of what I've said here has generated heat outside and sometimes "inside" this building.

I seek fairness, Hans. It's why I blasted Republicans when they stalled Bill Clinton's nominations to the SEC when he was president. It's why I blast Democrats for not playing fair now.

Unlike you, Hans, I'm not jumping to conclusions. You claim the president and the vice president were involved in illegal dealings in their corporate days. Yet you haven't an ounce of proof, or the simple decency to await pending investigations.

No, you jump to the very knee jerk, predictable hits of which you accuse me.

Now, who's being fair to whom?

This might shock you, but Fox doesn't restrict what I say or what I don't say. I use my own mind and my own heart. And in my heart, I can sense what's fair and what isn't. Condemning the White House on this corporate mess is fair if the White House is doing nothing. But it's very unfair if it is doing something.

This week, the White House, through the Justice Department and SEC did something — something critics have been thirsting for for months — it cuffed some corporate fat cats.

My mind understands politics. My heart senses hypocrisy.

My mind says, Neil, they'll call you partisan. My heart says, I don't give a damn.

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