WHO: Wealthier Lifestyles Fueling Global Health Crisis

Increased wealth appears to be making people sicker, rather than healthier, according to the World Health Organization.

By 2030, the only contagious disease in the list of Top 10 global killers will be HIV/AIDS, the Daily Mail reported citing figures from the World Health Organization.

According to the WHO, a third of deaths will be caused by road crashes, cancer or cardiovascular disease by 2050, while tobacco will remain the single largest preventable killer.

By 2030, worldwide cardiovascular disease deaths are expected to rise to 23.4 million, up from 17.1 million, the report said.

And, as greater wealth enables more people to buy automobiles, road deaths are expected to almost double over the same time period.

Meanwhile, diseases like malaria, TB and bowel disease are expected to kill fewer people as mosquito nets, clean water and vaccines become more widely available.

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