Please don't think I obsess over such things, but we're just getting wind of President Obama's planned media blitz this weekend. Once again, he'll be doing the rounds, but guess who he is not getting around to?

Surprise: us!

That may change, but as of now, the president is slated to hit all the Sunday talk shows to sell his health care plan. In what has to be a presidential first, he's doing ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and, I'm told, Univision. And the next day, David Letterman.

FOX isn't on the list.

Just like it wasn't when the big guy hit all the business guys but us guys ahead of that big speech to the big financial guys.

I'm here to tell you, Mr. President, it's OK. But I have to tell you, this ain't sitting well with some other broadcasters you're leaving out. They've got their network noses positively out of joint.

You didn't hear it from me, Mr. President, but I'm told the folks at ESPN are furious. ESPN2 too.

At The Speed Channel, they're practically speeding toward a coronary.

And let's just say it's been all thunderstorms at The Weather Channel since this news got out.

Why, even the folks at Home Shopping Network, are stunned you could pass up making a sales pitch on a channel devoted to sales pitches. While at Sprout, they've all but reduced themselves to begging.

Not here, Mr. President, we're too classy for that sort of thing. But there are limits. If "Dora the Explorer" gets a one-on-one with you -- game over.

I mean, that's just mean.

Dora, you and Map just keep singing, because I'm watching you and that backpack dude too!

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