Who Needs a Salon?

Innovations in personal pampering treatments can give you the look you crave, minus possibility of infections caused by unclean items in a salon.

These are just some of the do-it-yourself home beauty products on the market:

Depilatories: Once stinky and messy, these hair removers have been revamped with fresh scents, easy applicators and faster formulas:

Sally Hansen Spray-Off Hair Remover: Spray this raspberry scented hair remover on desired areas, wait four minutes and wipe off.

Nair Bikini Crème Vanilla Smoothie: This cream smells like sweet vanilla and removes hair in four minutes.

Nair For Men: Back and chest stubble are sure-fire ways to say goodbye to the ladies. If you like the hairless look, smooth on this cream designed for men. (Even the pink packaging is altered to silver and blue for a manly medicine cabinet.)

Wax: While waxing your own bikini line at home may seem masochistic, Nair has some new products that can make you a smooth operator without tears:

Nair Cool Fruit Wax Strips: Crisp Apple, Fresh Berry and Peach Melon wax strips in a variety of sizes to remove hair from the face and bikini area. Includes pre- and post-waxing treatments to soothe skin.

Nair Spa Kit: A 49-piece spa kit in a cute pink and plastic carrying case includes all you need for a decadent at-home waxing experience. A scented candle soothes the senses while the apple-scented wax warms in the microwave.

Manicure/Pedicure: Improperly cleaned nail implements and grimy pedicure footbaths are good reasons to pamper yourself at home:

La Cross Nail Essentials Set: Contains metal cuticle scissors, chrome nail clippers, stainless steel triple cut nail file, cuticle pusher with rounded and pointed ends all in a palm-sized plastic case to take to the salon or use at home.

Sally Hansen Smoothing Foot Scrub, Healing Foot Crème, Healing Foot Stick: Even if your nails are painted a pretty shade, the rest of your feet could use some TLC. These treatments infused with Tea Tree oil and multi-vitamins exfoliate, condition and moisturize feet.