Who let this dog out, and we have a Black Hawk Down all in the harsh glare of The Foxlight.

Didn't Cuba Gooding Jr. learn anything after Rat Race? He's back in another comedy because apparently they showed him the money again. Snow Dogs is actually based on a true story. Uh, no, the dogs didn't talk in the original version. So is this one a dog to "flea?" Some are calling it sort of amusing, but strictly for the younger set.

That leaves the weekend for another "based on a true story" of a completely different nature. Black Hawk Down tells of the Somalian incident in the '90s that had just a few of our guys taking on a whole lot of their guys.

This had an early limited release for Oscar consideration, though that plan may have gone about as well as this mission. Amid criticism that the movie is racist and one-sided, the real problem for some is that the cast, including Josh Hartnett and Ewan McGregor, are hard to get to know. Director Ridley Scott did a much better job taking us inside the Forum and the people in it in last years' Gladiator.

The real question continues to be who can bring down ring boy, who is still No. 1. And why do the TV ad end with the line "Now playing worldwide." Yeah, I'm running right over to Belgium to see it again.