Who is Protecting Judge Cashman?

Who is protecting Judge Cashman? — that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

From the beginning I've said that all Americans should be outraged over the Vermont judge, Edward Cashman, sentencing a 34-year-old man who raped a six-year-old girl for four years to just 60 days in prison. This is not a liberal versus conservative issue, but it is becoming clear that a liberal Democrat, Vermont House Speaker Gaye Symington is now blocking action to remove Cashman from the bench.

Symington says, "Let's be clear for the legislative branch to call for the resignation of a sitting judge based on a single decision would overstep the limits of legislative authority."

Well, Ms. Symington, let me be clear. That's bull. You, madam, are clueless. It is the job of the legislature to make laws and see that they are upheld. Cashman's actions are a direct violation of the little girl's constitutional protection that the punishment fit the crime.

Cashman's incompetent. And the Vermont legislature has the power to remove him. Clear?

When politics intrudes on justice, something has to give. The six-year-old girl's parents are mentally disabled. She is one of Vermont's must vulnerable citizens. Yet Speaker Symington could not care less. It's all politics to her. How bad is this? Listen to the little girl's aunt in the courtroom when she confronted Judge Cashman.


VICTIM'S AUNT, BURLINGTON, VT: The thought of my niece enduring four years of sexual abuse sickens me. For four years, she was a prisoner in her own home. For four years, she had to fear going to bed at night.


And now, listen to Cashman's reply:


EDWARD CASHMAN, JUDGE: My heart goes out to this family. And I would hate to be in the situation this family is in, but there's other families out there. And there's other people who could be victimized. And I'm trying to take the long view.


The long view. "Talking Points" is now saying this. Not only should Cashman resign, but Speaker Symington should resign as well if she will not allow the legislature to take action.

As for Governor Jim Douglas, a Republican, he's dodging our calls. He's MIA. So we now must send the governor a message as well.

The new billoreilly.com poll question is, "If Judge Cashman is not removed from the criminal court, will you boycott Vermont?" [I'll say it again] If Judge Cashman is not removed from the criminal court, will you, the American public, boycott Vermont? Yes or no?

Finally, thousands of Vermonters are seriously teed off and see this as a litmus test for their state. Sally Allard, who lives in Burlington writes, "Bill, Vermont is a very liberal state but please keep the heat on. This is shameless."

Well, you have my assurances, Sally, that we will not walk away from this matter. Cashman has to go. Justice demands it.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

What goes around, comes around, sometimes very quickly.

As you may know, Senator Edward Kennedy tried to taintJudge Alito by grilling him about a college club Alito belonged to. Apparently, a member of the club had written an offensive article, and the club itself questioned affirmative action.

Now, many Americans found Kennedy's questioning ludicrous. Today, The Washington Times reports that Kennedy himself was also in a college club at Harvard which refused to allow female members. And the Owl Club says the enator still keeps in touch.

The Owl Club? Who?! Ridiculous, maybe. Who?

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