Can't afford health care? We'll get health care for you.

Can't afford your home? We'll find a way to keep you in your home.

Can't pay your tuition tab? Let us pick up the tab.

Bit by bit, if you're down and out, the government happy to bail you out. And you don't really have to pay a thing — someone else will.

Now, who wouldn't want a deal like that? Nothing beats a free lunch. Especially, as I said, when you're not picking up the tab. Rich folks are — just them — the whole tab.

So, dig in! They're the ones forking it out — not you. So mangia.

Yet only in America can we eat up all these goodies, then bitch about the very folks paying for them. It'd be like complaining to the guy who took you out for dinner, because he didn't leave a big enough tip.

Well, here's a tip: don't.

But we do. We not only bite the very hand that feeds us, but start snapping at their other hand as well. Suddenly the free eats aren't good enough. What about our rent? Our mortgage? Our doctors' bills? Surely you don't expect us to handle that?

So we don't. They do.

We get. They give.

We get more. They give more.

We bitch more. They get socked more.

Suddenly paying a third of what they make to Uncle Sam isn't good enough. So, make it 40 percent. And tack on another 5 percent to pay our doctors' bills and make it 45 percent. Then stick them with that 3 percent Medicare tax and make it 48 percent.

And, by the way, while we're at it, help us with our damn state taxes... raise the top state rate to 10 percent — no make it 11 percent — and make their combined top rate 58 percent, no 60 percent.

Hey, they've got it. We want it. And now we have a White House and Congress all but saying: Have at it.

All that's missing are the torches my friends. Have the rich pay for them too. Then kill them. And leave every last cent to us. After all, we're due. And they're dead.

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