Who has the most blemishes in Hollywood? An L.A. doctor says she may have A Beautiful Mind but Jennifer Connelly got 'The Most Facial Legions On An Otherwise Perfect Face,' award. Ouch. Just one of this guy's annual Skinnies the awards for bad skin.

Benjamin Bratt's post-Julia performance in Pinero got him named 'Best Performance to Distract From Strange Skin Legions.'

Gwen Stefani snags the 'Performer With the Most Moles.' You dodged a bullet, Cindy Crawford.

Heather Graham gets the nod as 'The Most Unrealistically Attractive 19th Century Prostitute a Filmmaker Could Envision' for her role in From Hell. Hey, this doctor's bedside manner is pretty funny.

Finally, the 'Baldest Cast?' The David Mamet film Heist featuring the follically challenged line up of Gene Hackman, Danny DeVito, Delroy Lindo and Ricky Jay.