Like all of you, I'm looking forward to Tuesday night's debate. I've made some ambrosia salad and I'm going to wear my special debate onesie — yes, it's latex.

But you know what bugged me about the last presidential debate? When Jim Lehrer asked if there would be another 9/11. After both candidates agreed that we're safer now than before — a pat on Bush's back — Obama returns to the post-modern theme of root causes.

Obama brings up how "we" are viewed in the world and how that leads to terror. "We are less respected now," he says, which, in my feeble mind, betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of the world.

Terrorists will not stop killing innocent people because they "like" or respect you. They want to kill you, because you are not them. If anything, they leave you alone if you kill them. In a sense, they're like roaches, without the charm.

But all this revealed Obama's big flaw: He thinks identifying real evil is unseemly and fears his old professors would sneer if they heard that kind of objective truth — or wet their pants.

It's weird that Obama cares more about how our enemies perceive us, than what these enemies are planning. Our greatest leaders always cared little about who liked them — I'm referring to Sonny Bono.

But it all goes back to one question Barack must answer:

Who's really responsible for 9/11: Islamic terrorists or the U.S.?

If he can answer that, he might get somewhere with me. Perhaps even second base, but no promises.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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