The Saudis don't get it, and they don't get it by a disastrous margin.

If they really think they can send over a robed potentate to deliver an ultimatum to the President of the United States in his own personal living room, then they have been sniffing crude fumes way too long.

Here's the message the Saudis are sending President Bush:

1. Jerk Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's chain and jerk it hard. If you don't, then we're going to run back to Riyadh and tell the Arab states that we've washed our hands of the U.S.

2. We're also going to tell the Arab and Muslim oil producers that it is time to use oil as a weapon against America

3. We're going to order you out of the bases you've built in our country

4. If we have to prove to you that we're really Arab and not friends of the United States, we'll fly to Baghdad and hug Saddam Hussein on Al Jazeera

As soon as news of these intimations appeared publicly, the Saudis pulled back and denied they would ever say such things.

What President Bush should say to the Saudis in return is: Hey, Mr. Robed Potentate, how many nukes do you have? Who the hell do you think you're pushing around? Do you think this is France, or Germany, or the ultimate oh-please-let's-not-make-trouble-country of Japan?

1. We have the ability to make friends with other oil producers and we will.

2. You think your economy, Mr. Saudi, can take a 10 percent hit? Can you really get along with less gold plating and diamond encrusting? Can you keep your youthful masses tamped down with less money flowing in?

3. If we wanted to, we could occupy or render useless those precious oil fields of yours.

In other words... who the hell do you think you are coming here to threaten us with an oil weapon? Who the hell do you think you are to threaten to turn the Arab street loose on us? Haven't you noticed? The Arab street has already been turned loose, and your Saudi youth is up to its hijackin' eyeballs in it.

Aren't you the guys who gave us 15 hijackers who then killed 3,000 of us?

Has anybody besides me and President Bush told you that you just don't get it?

That's My Word.

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