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Model Jessica Hart's Problem Body Part

2009’s "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit stunner Jessica Hart has an all-natural glow, an itty bitty body and perfectly proportioned legs, but the bikini babe does have one little "flaw" that is sometimes deemed "too big" for the modeling world.

"I have a big gap in my two front teeth. I did go to the dentist once before I started modeling to see what I would have to do to have it closed. He said he would have to snip my gum and I would have to have braces for three years, which I thought that was worse than just having the gap," Hart told Tarts. "Some people won’t book me because of it and sometimes they close it in post production, but that doesn't bother me."

And even though the 23-year-old Australian-born beauty looked totally at home on the beach in her first-ever "S.I." issue this year, Hart certainly didn’t find the experience easy.

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"I do fashion mainly so I’m not always in my swimwear or underwear so when I do have to ‘strip off’ it is a little awkward," she admitted.

But unlike so many models who try to tell us that they "eat whatever they want and don’t exercise", Hart was honest about how hard it is both physically and emotionally to always look taut and terrific.

"I am critical. There is a lot of pressure and I am hard on myself about it," the blonde bombshell said. "I work out and eat well so I’m always in good shape. It is hard at times, but it’s my job."

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Speaking of her job, it turns out that the bathing-suit beauty has many talents beyond posing and prancing and has goals beyond the modeling arena.

"I can play the Cello, I played for about 5 years when I was younger. Unfortunately I don’t play anymore because it such a big instrument and I don’t have much spare time but its something I would love to pick up again," Hart added. "I would also love to be a human rights ambassador or something along those lines, I want to do whatever I can to help my country (we’re sure the Australians won’t object) and the rest of the world. And I can’t wait to have kids, I want a big family."

Paris Hilton's 'BFF' Barks: 'I’m Going to be Famous Without Her'

The rumor mill has been bubbling over that Paris Hilton dumped her "BFF" Brittany Flickinger after finally realizing that the aspiring pop princess was just using her for fame and fortune, but according to Flickinger, it’s all a load of BS and the falsities come from "jealous" people and not Miss Hilton herself.

"I was a musician and high-fashion model long before I was on the show so I'm going to make it either way. I wasn't using Paris for anything. I'm not high maintenance, I don’t need all the free stuff," the 24-year-old told Tarts. "I liked being around her, we were best friends because we have so much in common and I will never use her name to get ahead."

And although the heiress and Flickinger haven't been photographed together for quite some time (for a while there, the two were joined at the hip) the MTV winner said its only because she's been busy pursuing her real dreams and she chose not to be involved in the second season of the show as she didn't want to be branded as just another pal in the Paris posse.

"I've been in the studio working. I want to make a difference in this world, I want to work with the charities and when the paparazzi photograph me I want them to be photographing me as Brittany Flickinger not Paris Hilton's BFF," she added. "I don’t do drugs or go wild, I prefer just to chill. I want to be respected as an artist not because I went out and got some DUI or did something stupid."

Errr, no pun intended?!

Kissing Jeremy Piven Is Fun!

Jeremy Piven may still be swinging single, but the Emmy-winning "Entourage" actor is apparently very skilled in smooching.

"He (Piven) is a really good kisser. I know because I'm his wife on the show, but not everyone would know that he’s good," Perrey told Tarts at last week’s Latisse launch. "He's sensitive, he's nice, we enjoy ourselves, and we’re having fun. We laugh a lot; he's got a great sense of humor."

Hmmm, sounds like quite a relationship!

So while Reeves enjoys locking lips with Ari Gold she wants you to know she is nothing like her high-profile, Hollywood-absorbed character.

"I live in Costa Rica with no phone in the middle of the jungle, so that's a big contrast," she added. "It's nice to have both (L.A and Costa Rica). I'm lucky, I don't have to pick one or the other -- I get to have them both."

Jordin Sparks Still a Spark of Purity

Jordin Sparks has made no secret of her pledge of chastity and stuck up for the Jonas Brothers when Russell Brand made fun of their promise bands at the VMAs last year - and it seems the common value system between Sparks and the band of brothers has evoked such a strong bondage that they’ve planned a tour together for later this year.

"We’ve been friends for awhile and we had a lot of fun at the VMAs," Sparks told Tarts (with a cheeky smile) last week.

But unlike so many troublesome Tinseltowners, the "American Idol" alumna hopes that the two musical forces can use their clean-cut profiles to inspire their young fan-base.

"I am very excited for the tour. It’s going to be crazy and I don't know if I am prepared for the screaming but its going to be so much fun," Sparks added. "I remember being at that age, and it's not like I'm old, I'm 19 but I still need a role model and like having someone to look up to. For me, it is definitely not a burden but it’s a lot to carry and at the same time you have to watch what you’re doing, watch what you say, who your friends are and all that. It is very crazy but to have some other people around you that are doing the same thing it helps."