Where's the Outrage?

There was another prisoner story, Tuesday. But I didn't hear much fuss over it.

In the Arab world, barely a mention of it. In the European media, not much more than an acknowledgment about it.

An American hostage beheaded by his captors. Captors who said they ridded the world of this prisoner because of the way we treat our prisoners.

The world has rightly made a fuss of that treatment. Odd how it barely said boo about "this" treatment.

A 26-year-old American contractor who wanted to do good apparently doesn't top a lot of naked Iraqi prisoners we made look bad.

I guess I'm not looking for an apology.

Though I do recall more than a few demanding of us an apology.

There is no excuse for dragging a prisoner by a dog collar. There is no excuse for beheading a prisoner with a large knife.

The dog collar gets the press and the outrage. The beheading gets some press but no outrage.

Save here. Among Americans who can rightly wonder why the dog collar is deplorable but the beheading not.

Maybe it's just me, but I didn't hear any chorus call for hearings on this. No commission to get to the bottom of this. No blue ribbon panels to investigate this.

No, worldwide barely a peep about the savagery of this. Nick Berg doesn't get that. The world all but saying, Nick Berg (search) doesn't warrant that.

Funny, I've heard the world talk on and on and on about prisoners caught naked. Nothing like the naked truth of being caught silent.

The sound… is deafening.

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