Where's the Beef?

Does anyone see the bigger trend going on here?

If they can't tell you your burger is safe, what makes you think they can tell you your health is?

I only ask because in this rush to have the government take over everything, please think of this one thing: It's the government's job to make sure it's safe.

But now, concerns that 143 million pounds of the stuff just recalled by the government might not be.

Could be too late.

Most of it, most of us have already eaten.

And most of it by kids.

Our kids.

So ask yourself this: If a single government agency has a tough time policing "bad" meat, what makes you think giving scores of agencies more power is the stuff of "good" government?

I have nothing against the USDA or the FDA. I think they do an incredible job, monitoring everything from the food we eat to the drugs we take to even the toys our kids play with.

But they're overworked, over-stressed, and already over budget.

So let's say you give them a bigger budget. Does that assume we, as taxpayers, get any less of a bum steer?

Very doubtful. Because a trillion dollar war on poverty hasn't eliminated poverty and scores of regulations on business hasn't stopped bad business.

So, before you ask the government to take over your mortgage, or your healthcare, ask lawmakers a simple question: Where's the beef? — Not the 143 million pounds they still can't find. But the billions more in taxpayer dough they hope to.

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