I was going to slap Nelson Mandela around for his most recent outburst of fevered anti-Americanism, but since he's a saint, we're going to just say "dopey old Nelson" and give it a pass.

Instead... did you see the INS story out of California? Two people there are facing five years in jail — both civilian contractors working for the INS in charge of a facility that processes INS mail, including envelopes that contain applications and passports and birth certificates and green cards... the works.

One of the two people now facing jail decided that the backlog of this mail was too big — about 90,000 pieces — so she ordered her subordinate to get the overnight crew on the job and take care of the backlog... by shredding every bit of the INS mail.

The night crew worked diligently, and within a month had completed — erased and shredded — the backlog. The supervisor then ordered the night crew to keep shredding so a new backlog didn't build up.

So you send your documents and applications to the INS and you never hear from them. You think your paperwork is just piled on someone's desk? You can't imagine they just dumped it in a shredder and hauled it off to a landfill, but that's what they did.

Remember, this is a private contractor doing INS work. By some miracle, an actual INS worker showed up to see how things were going and spotted the shredding. That's how the supervisor and her underling were caught, and prosecuted.

They go away for three to five years. The INS goes right on its merry way. They probably already have a new private contractor, and they think everything is just fine.

Sure it is.

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