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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Did Royal "Scoop" Daniel run away or was there foul play?

Here's what we know: The successful Colorado lawyer went to work early Friday morning. But then, within a matter of hours, he vanished from his own office.

Joining us, Scoop's former law partner, J.B. Katz. Welcome, J.B.

J.B. KATZ, FRIEND OF ROYAL "SCOOP" DANIEL: Thank you, Greta. Nice to see you.

VAN SUSTEREN: J.B., anything peculiar going on in his life recently?

KATZ: You know, I'm not as close to him as I used to be, but my understanding is that there's been nothing out of the ordinary in his life. He may have seemed a little bit more stressed to some friends recently, but, otherwise, his life has been just as it always has been.

VAN SUSTEREN: Single or married?

KATZ: He is single, divorced.

VAN SUSTEREN: Any problems in the divorce?

KATZ: You know, not that I'm aware of, but I wasn't — I think he would refer to his divorce as tragic, but I don't think that there's any lingering issues. I'm not sure about that.

VAN SUSTEREN: Is it a divorce a long time ago or recent divorce, if you know?

KATZ: 1995.

VAN SUSTEREN: Does he have any health issues?

KATZ: You know, the first thought that most of us had that know him was whether or not he had a stroke. He had high blood pressure last year, but he lost a lot of weight. And I believe that they've ruled out any medical issues.

VAN SUSTEREN: Would he leave his dog? If he simply wanted to walk away, would he leave his golden retriever, Ben, and just take off?

KATZ: I can't imagine any scenario that he would leave Ben voluntarily.

VAN SUSTEREN: Ever hear him say people threatened him or anything peculiar like that?

KATZ: No. You know, Scoop, he had a pretty benign practice. And he had a lot of friends. And, you know, I suppose, like any lawyer, we have clients from time to time that are unhappy with what we do, but my understanding is that, no, he's never spoken about anybody that's threatened him. There were some clients from our far past that had given me some pause, but I don't believe that anybody that he knew had anything to do with this.

VAN SUSTEREN: The 7:48 911 call, can you give us any more information about it? KATZ: My understanding is there was a nine-second 911 hang-up call at 7:48 from his cell phone. But that's it? When you say hang-up, you mean there's actually no content on this, just simply nine seconds of nothing?

KATZ: Correct, just maybe the dispatch operator talking, but he's not talking back.

VAN SUSTEREN: Were they able to locate where the phone was? Have they done that, at least within a range?

KATZ: That I'm aware of, they have not. But they may have, and they're not telling me. We're pretty sure, because the last e-mail was sent from his desk at 7:45, that that must have come from his — that he still would have been in his office.

VAN SUSTEREN: And I'm also told that there was hot coffee — I don't know if that was on a pot on a burner or if that's in a cup on a desk. So it sounds at least like something happened between 7:45 and 7:48.

KATZ: That's correct.

VAN SUSTEREN: No one saw anything?

KATZ: Nobody saw anything, not that anybody that I'm aware of that's come forward yet has seen anything. The back entrance to the building is still a public entrance to the building, but it backs up to one of the ski area parking lots that's empty at this time, and a parking lot for town hall that probably would not have had a lot of cars at that time.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, J.B. Thank you, and we'll follow this. Thank you, J.B.

KATZ: Thank you, Greta.

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