First, let me repeat what Salt Lake City Police are saying: Lori's husband, Mark Hacking, is a person of interest... but not a suspect at this point. That said, some things are coming together that seem strange, to say the least:

1.Mark is now in a psych ward.

2.Mark's lies about his college, medical exams and new job are now coming unraveled.

3.Mark's lies were about to be exposed this week, because he and Lori were to move Thursday to North Carolina for a job that didn't exist. If Lori didn't know about the charade before she disappeared Monday, she was going to find out very soon when they got to North Carolina.

4.Lori had just discovered she was in the first weeks of a pregnancy — which, theoretically, would put great pressure on a family in this case, seeing as how the husband had no job and the Hackings' whole plan to move was predicated on a fiction.

5.In the first hours after reporting to police that his pregnant wife was missing, Mark went shopping for and bought a new mattress. (I'm not making any judgments here — I'm just saying that if I found my husband missing one morning, I'd be too paralyzed with grief or fear to even think of going shopping. Or I'd be dragging any police officer I could find to go out and search for him. Either way, I wouldn't be buying mattresses.)

We're staying on this story for Friday's “DaySide” — see you then.


Thursday, July 22: The 9/11 Commission Report, Finally

So Thursday is the big day: The 9/11 Commission is set to release its findings on the intelligence failures that led the terror attacks in 2001.

According to a report today in the Washington Post, the report will list as many as 10 missed opportunities to detect or derail the hijackings (search). (Note: Opportunities missed by both the Clinton and Bush administrations.)

These are said to be long shots or lucky breaks — nothing that would have absolutely, positively, 100 percent stopped 9/11 from happening.

We'll cover the findings from top to bottom on Thursday's show, including a live interview with a senior White House official.

I'd like to use your comments in the interview — so what do you want to say to (or ask) the Bush administration about intelligence lapses?

Be blunt — and I'll read as many as I can on the air.

The address, as always: dayside@foxnews.com

See you tomorrow,


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