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UPDATE: Sad news — Oregon police have confirmed that the body of missing father, James Kim, has been found in the Oregon wilderness. We'll have much more on tonight's edition of "On the Record."

I have posted below a bunch of e-mails about Duane "Dog" Chapman. I wrote about it yesterday in this blog, had Duane and his wife as guests two nights ago and this has generated many, many e-mails — so I posted them below.

Tonight, I am expecting we are going to do more about missing CNET.com exec, James Kim. I am growing less optimistic he is alive, but there remains a chance he is alive. He and his family sure were resourceful the first nine days of their ordeal so perhaps he is alive. The story is very distressing and I am tempted to say it is the worst, but of course I say that about virtually every story. The one that seems the worst to me always is the one I am most immersed in and can't stop thinking about.

We expected to have James' in-laws on our show last night, but we lost contact with them shortly before the show and thus quickly improvised. As you can imagine, the family is grief stricken and worried, but may not see the need to talk about James on TV. Typically, families want to talk about missing loved ones on TV when they need to do so to encourage people to look. But in this case, it seems that the hunt for James is already immense.

It is impressive how the people in Oregon are doing so much to try and find him. I had no idea how rugged the terrain is there and how difficult a search they were facing. Of course, in the back of all our minds I guess we are thinking if only he had stayed with his wife and two kids... but of course James wanted to try and save them and set off by foot under horrible conditions to do what he could to help them.

I am not sure what to think about the missing 1-month-old baby story in Florida. I guess I should likewise describe that story as the worst. Imagine, a 1-month-old defenseless baby taken from his mother! This is the kind of case that needs maximum publicity since — assuming the allegations of kidnapping to be true and the police believe they are — someone needs to spot that baby and call the police. Unless you know the facts of the case — hear about it some place — you won't know the baby is the subject of a kidnapping and call the police. As an aside, the facts of the alleged kidnapping are bizarre. I am hoping we learn more today. If so, we will tell you tonight.

Here is a non-sequitur: I need some help. In the past few days, on both my Motorola Q phone and my BlackBerry 8700 phone, I have inadvertently called my niece in high school class, a source I don't know well in Aruba, countless colleagues, someone connected to the alleged Duke lacrosse rape case, etc. This has to stop: I am humiliated by my accidental calling and having to admit it was a mistake — not to mention the fact that I am annoying everyone. Please e-mail if you know if there is a keypad lock on these two devices — of course I have long ago tossed the owner manuals.

One other thing: I have been teasing Steve Doocy on our show the last two nights at the end of our show and some people have e-mailed me thinking I am serious. Huh? Do you really think if I wanted to "diss" him that I would do so like that? So publicly? I am not that much of an idiot. Steve and I are good friends — I am just teasing him.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1 — this first e-mail makes reference to E-mail No. 1 in yesterday's blog:

I myself did not see a Spanish commercial during your show but I do read on commercials. Anyway, this guy is ignorant because there is no such thing as "Mexican" language. They speak Spanish. He really should move somewhere else as he just happened to choose to live in a city that has one of the highest percentages of Hispanics in its population. What a moron. So what if you lose this loser viewer. I know it's probably no skin off your back. You could be right about it being a local cable provider.
Clarissa Lockett
Houston, TX

E-mail No. 2

Our government needs to do whatever it can to keep Duane here (in America). This is ridiculous. He captured a violent sexual deviant which Mexico was harboring and help bring him to justice. By the way, it was Andrew Luster not Luskin. Just couldn't let it go.
Sandy L.
Blanco, TX

ANSWER: Yes, Luster, not Luskin. It was fixed.

E-mail No. 3

You have got to be kidding me... not obeying Mexican law... if they want "Dog" first take back ALL of your illegal aliens, second forget about having "Dog."
Mary Williamson

E-mail No. 4

I certainly do think the U.S. should send Duane "Dog" Chapman to Mexico to face justice for breaking Mexican law — just as soon as all the Mexicans who have crossed our border illegally step up to face justice for breaking U.S. law! In the meantime, he should just keep doing what he does and enjoy his life! End of story.
Lynn Barrett
Jackson, MS

E-mail No. 5

Dog the Bounty Hunter (and I use the term bounty hunter very loosely in this case) makes his living by going after people who have broken the law. Dog Chapman has broken the law. Should some be punished and some people not? If he (Chapman) expects others to pay for their crimes then he as well as we, should expect the same from him.
Rick Rice
Albert Lea, MN

E-mail No. 6

Dear Greta,
In response to your story on Duane "Dog" Chapman, he should definitely NOT be sent back to Mexico to face charges considered to be a MISDEMEANOR in that country. Not to mention how he took a violent, serial rapist off the streets and did so with the help of the Mexican police.
The Good Lord knows how many illegal Mexicans are in our country committing crimes every day, so if Mexico decides to retaliate and send their bounty hunters here after their fugitives... I say let 'em in! I'm sure Dog and his crew will be happy to help with the captures.
Victoria Ayres
Springfield, VA

E-mail No. 7

I watch your show occasionally, not always home when it is on but I read your blog every day. I've seen many things that I almost commented on but this is one I have to.
Andrew Luster was a serial rapist! That should be the end of story. Duane did the Mexican officials a huge favor and because he didn't do it their way they are upset. Now I realize the other side of this coin. If some is convicted in another country should they be able to be picked up in our country without the help of local police? My answer is 'take them please!' Save our citizens the chance of being violated and our overworked law enforcement the time of doing paper work!
From some things I have read it appears there were officials in Mexico that were aware of Luster being there and what he was guilty of, they were not taking the steps to return him because of his money. I say, "You Go Dog!"

E-mail No. 8

Why should we cooperate with Mexico, they have millions of law breakers residing in this country and we take ONE of our lawbreakers into custody and bring him back to the United States, HELLO! The man should be given the Congressional Medal of Honor for putting up with Mexican BS.
Philip Costa
Phoenix, AZ

E-mail No. 9

Hellllllll NO, Dog Chapman should not be turned over to the Mexican government. This man did a good thing… a great thing by getting this menace to society off the streets. To satisfy the Mexican government, perhaps the U.S. could work out some kind of deal where Dog pays some kind of financial penalty to Mexico and agrees not to enter the country again, or something to that effect.
Shannon Storm
Pittsburgh, PA

E-mail No. 10

Hello from Australia, Greta!
I don't have a problem with an American going into another country to remove another American. If the suspect had been a Mexican citizen, that would have been another story.
Keep up the good work.
Suzanne Palmiter
An American citizen currently living abroad

E-mail No. 11

Dear Greta,
I think The Dog should definitely NOT be sent back to Mexico to stand trial and possibly go to jail. He followed the laws of Mexico by having a Mexican police officer with him and then by turning over Luster to the police. He should never have been arrested by the Mexican authorities! Luster was tried here in the U.S. and found guilty of being a serial rapist (of 86 women I think). Luster jumped bail before the trial and ran to Mexico where I'm sure he would have raped women again — The Dog put a stop to that, thank God! The Dog is a hero to me. He did what many others could not do and the U.S. Government should be ashamed of arresting him especially the way they did. God bless The Dog, Beth and the rest of his family! I hope all your viewers write to their congress members and tell them to make sure that The Dog is not sent back to Mexico. In fact, we should give him a medal!
P.S. I recently met The Dog in NYC as he was getting his car. He really is a very nice guy and appreciates all the support we give him!
Diane S.
Garden City, NY

E-mail No. 12

Dog Chapman is sent to Mexico by (his) our government, it will be a travesty. There is no way he should be sent to that piece of trash, corrupt country. I've been there, so I speak from experience (not in jail, just visiting). The decision maker(s) from our country on this issue should be on your show with an explanation for even considering this, because this should not even be an issue.
As for your E-mail 1, I believe the language she is referring to is Spanish not Mexican. But I strongly agree with her, we live in the USA, ENGLISH is our language, use it or you do not belong here. It can be that simple. It would not be anything I would want to learn either, I don't even like hearing it spoken.
Jeff Robertson

E-mail No. 13

Hi Greta,
Regarding the charges against Duane "Dog" Chapman, I think they are ridiculous. If the Mexican authorities could not arrest Luster, they should have no problem with someone from the states nabbing him. No one was hurt in his apprehension to my knowledge. Do we want criminals to know they can take flight to Mexico and live the good life (as Luster was apparently doing)? With the crimes he committed, he should not be allowed to roam the streets anywhere. I can't say that I agree with all of Mr. Chapman's tactics, but I do admire him for the good work he does by bringing in people who have fled from the law. I hope he has enough "pull" and friends in high places to get him out of this jam. He should be praised for bringing in such a low life as Luster. And Mexico doesn't do us any favors. People there live in chaos and poverty (for the most part) and want to flee to our country. I would never return Mr. Chapman to Mexico.
Love your show,
Greensboro, NC

E-mail No. 14

I know this isn't 'national coverage news' but you comments on good news today and your banter when I really needed a laugh prompted me to share. I work for a company, small by some standards (approx 450 employees) and large by others.
Two years ago one of our VPs came up with an idea, we have a LOT of agencies we do business with that send us Christmas presents, fruit, candy, other edibles. He approached them and asked that instead of those gifts they send donations to buy bicycles for needy children. They compiled and we built 365 bikes and gave through a local agency.
We decided we would do this every other year. This year as donations rolled in, we were amazed. We contacted Huffy bikes directly and were able to purchase 1,000 bikes for children in the Greenville, SC area. We are contributing these to 6 agencies including Toys for Tots in SC. The 1,000 bikes were put together with a volunteer team (different team each day) in TWO days. We had thought it would take at least a week to 10 days but these hard working folks using an assembly line were doing a bike in less then 2 minutes.
Just thought I would share some really good news, 1,000 children will have bikes for Christmas that would not have had them otherwise. In addition to building these bikes, the employees at our company have adopted 50 individuals for Christmas, they range from children in homes or shelters, abused women and their children to families that have been homeless and are now getting back on the right track and we will be providing Christmas for each of the 50.
I'm very proud to be part of this great company!
Ann Bailey

E-mail No. 15 — I got a follow up email from Ann Bailey — here it is:

If you choose to post the company name it is, Resurgent Capital Services in Greenville, SC

E-mail No. 16

Hi, Greta
I hope this note finds you well. This is my opinion about your question from today's blog: If the U.S. decides against sending Chapman back to face the Mexican allegations, will Mexico do some 'self help' (Chapman style) and send a bounty hunter into U.S. to do the same?
Well, all I can think is this... if Mexico sends in a bounty hunter to get a Mexican criminal out of our country, so be it. More power to them in doing so. And if they come into our country to get an American citizen who committed a crime in their country and then fled back to ours, I feel the same way... bring it on. Get the dangerous criminals off the streets, no matter WHERE they are.
Of course, I understand that the Dog issue is a double-edge sword. Dog stands for pretty much doing things by the book. He goes out and gets the guys who aren't following the rules.
In this situation he didn't follow the rules, technically.
However, as a woman, I can appreciate getting a dangerous man like Luster off the streets and forced to face justice. You would think that Mexico would appreciate this same fact.
But then, look at the situation we have with Mexico... we are a haven to their criminals, and most of them are here illegally, I might add. They seem to lack concern that THEIR criminals are here causing problems in OUR country... turning a blind eye.
Dog is one of the good guys. To me he's a modern day Robin Hood, at least in this situation.
Let sleeping dogs lie, as the saying goes... excuse the pun.
Catt Alexander
Spartanburg, SC

E-mail No. 17

I'm sorry Greta, but this one makes me chuckle. The U.S. send "Dog" Chapman back for breaking a law in Mexico when Mexico itself allows thousands of their citizens to cross our border illegally every year! Don't you know Mexico continues to have a good laugh on us knowing we are feeding their economy and hurting ours. I say "leave Dog alone"; send Luster back if Mexico doesn't care about their women being raped.
An Oklahoman

E-mail No. 18

In response to your question, "Should Duane (Dog) Chapman be returned to Mexico to face Mexican justice"… I have written everyone I could think of from my congressman to Condoleezza Rice to say absolutely not. In my opinion, Mr. Chapman is a true American hero who took a serial rapist off the streets. It seems like more than a coincidence that the Mexican authorities decided at the last hour that they wanted Mr. Chapman returned to face their "justice". Why such a delay? What do they want out of the deal? Could it be that they are more concerned about their image (Mr. Chapman was able to apprehend Mr. Luster when they couldn't) then the safety of their citizens?
I believe we all owe Mr. Chapman a debt of gratitude.
Tammy Brewer

E-mail No. 19

It seems from the interview, the Mexican police were in on the hunt. No, Chapman should not go on trial in Mexico. Mexican officials have no respect for USA laws (immigration) and they deserve no respect. In fact they encourage Mexicans to break our immigration law. I think, when the Mexican government reviews all the evidence as in videos, they will agree that Chapman did the right thing.
Thank GOD for real men!
Nancy Moody
Point TX

E-mail No. 20

Love your blog, and I couldn't resist this Chapman response: It is my understanding that Dog had a Mexican policeman with him when he apprehended Luster. Is that correct? If so, what's the problem? I also understand that the Luster family has been very busy trying to get Mexico to go after Dog. If the U.S. would have done its job, Dog would not have been in Mexico in the first place. If our State Department sends dog back, it's truly time for a change in Washington. And I'm a Republican!
Pine River

E-mail No. 21

Dear Greta,
This email is for Mr. Dix:
Hey, Scott Dix, your e-mail about the commercial, who cares? Also, Mexican is not a language, it's a nationality. The language is Spanish, you dolt! Also living in San Antonio you should have known this.
L. Minor

E-mail No. 22

I'm sure there is no easy answer and this is a very complex issue, but like my mom used to say, "Two wrongs don't make a right." Just because Luster fled and broke the law, does it make it right for Mr. Chapman to break the law and bring him back? Or just because Mexico didn't arrest Mr. Luster and send him back to the U.S., can anyone take the law into their own hands? It is, obviously, a complicated issue! One without a clear answer.

E-mail No. 23

It is retarded that anyone has to send e-mail or anything about this. It should have been done when the State Department told Mexico to plant the lips on the Red White and Blue ass. 12 million Mexican criminals in the U.S. and they are giving Dog crap. Screw Mexico and screw the State Department.
Kevin Ordean

E-mail No. 24

Hey Greta,
What's the deal with your dissing our man Steve ON THE AIR? We love him, and this is getting irritating! Why in the world would you do this to a co-worker? Is there bad blood between you two? Please stop doing this. There are several of us here that are getting very angry with and disappointed in you.
Thank you.
Katy, TX

ANSWER: Karen, are you kidding? You think I am "dissing" Steve? Steve and I are friends — it is a joke.

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