Where Is Jacko?

Jacko's Publicist Leaves Town | Where Is Jacko?

Jacko's Publicist Gets the Boot

Randy Jackson, considered desperate to hold on to some kind of power in his brother’s organization after being relieved of all financial responsibilities this week, issued a statement on his Web site around 6 p.m. last night.

The statement, written by Randy’s girlfriend, Taunya Ziklie, read: “MJJ Productions regretfully announces the termination of Raymone Bain and Davis, Bain & Associates. We thank you for your services.”

Click here to read the statement on the MJJ Productions Web site.

Sources close to Bain say that she received the news when a reporter called and told her he’d seen it on the Web site.

According to insiders, her contract is with Jackson himself and not MJJ Productions. She is said to have last spoken with Michael around 2 p.m. on Friday after she faxed him drafts of some proposed statements she’d prepared for post-verdict release.

Where Is Jacko?

To make matters more complicated, this morning there is some confusion about Jackson’s exact location.

His phone at Neverland is said to have a "do not disturb" block on it, and sources inside the ranch are said to fear being fired if they tell him what's really going on within his organization.

Sources tell me that he and his children and their nanny did not spend last night at Neverland. One source told me that Jackson expressed fears that the ranch was “bugged” with listening devices — ironic since during the trial, the prosecution claimed Jackson was capable of eavesdropping on all phone calls made into or out of the ranch.

If Jackson is not at the ranch and still within an hour’s driving distance of Neverland, the odds are at he’s at a local hotel. The choices are few, with the Santa Ynez Resort and Alisal Ranch the primary candidates. A woman who answered the phone at the former said she couldn’t comment on whether or not Jackson was in residence.

But certainly the sudden dismissal of Bain will cause an incredible amount of chaos as the jury deliberations drag on.

Bain, despite her vagueness during press conferences thanks to a lack of information, has managed nevertheless to keep the troops calm when rumors have run rampant about Jackson’s health or status.

On the other hand, Randy Jackson is seen by Neverland insiders as trying to isolate his already fearful and nervous brother by cutting him off.

In recent weeks, Bain had established what was considered a better-than-average relationship with Jackson, speaking to him several times a day by phone and often visiting him at the ranch.

This has no doubt been frustrating for Randy, who has spent an equal amount of time spending what’s left of his brother’s money and trying to install his own staff — including the greatly disliked Ziklie — at Neverland.