Dear Viewers,

In every presidential election since JFK/Nixon, we have seen a great deal of the candidates’ wives. Who didn't know all about first lady Barbara Bush, Marilyn Quayle, Senator Hilary Clinton and Tipper Gore in 1992? They seemed to be all over the TV and the news back then -- and even today!

So, where are the Democratic candidates' wives? And, who are they? I am immensely curious and assume you are, too.

To address my curiosity, I asked Reverend Sharpton off camera last night if his wife would agree to an interview. I figured that he was a "captive audience" since he was sitting right next to me, so I pushed him. He promised to ask her. I think she would be enormously fun to interview. Did you know she sang back up to James Brown?

By the way, here is a photo from last night before the interview started. Reverend Sharpton and I spoke briefly off camera about the "schedule from hell" for all candidates. I get exhausted listening to the candidates tell me where they have been and where they are going. Pat Buchanan once told me that he loves the campaign trail.


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