So according to some new poll, President Barack Obama is the most trusted political leader in the world. The poll surveyed 20,000 residents of many nations, including even Macau — a country consisting only of birds.

So while this proves Obama is a citizen of the world, still his own country is left wandering and confused like an open-robed granddad.

I suppose it's easy, however, for Macau to swoon over Obama. They aren't faced with cap-and-trade, nationalized health care and those new curly light bulbs. But then again, in Macau, I guess you're just happy to have any kind of light bulb, even if it's a candle shaped like a light bulb. I kid the Macaus! Crazy bird people!

But this poll might mean something if Obama took advantage of it. I mean, what's the use of being loved if you can't force those who love you into submission?

I mean, our prez sat on the sidelines with a bloodied Iran, but then grows a spine over an abducted Honduran politician in pajamas.

A true leader, however, would know that it's not the leaders, but the people who matter.

It makes me wonder about his priorities. Does Obama make a list of things that piss him off, and if so, what's at the top? Fascism or poorly inflated tires? The murder of innocent protestors or teens smoking? Nukes pointed at Hawaii or sugary sodas at school? Our nation's prosperity or his abs?

I don't know, which is why — at least for now — I'm taking down my Obama poster from above my bunk bed and replacing it with a Sarkozy. He's got abs... and balls!

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