Do an Internet search for Amir Taheri (search). He writes for many different publications and his columns on what is happening in Iran, Iraq, Paris, Berlin and London are all of great assistance in understanding the hostile and truculent world we now live in.

In Wednesday's column in the New York Post, Taheri mentions that Michael Moore's (search) movie “Fahrenheit 9/11 is a big hit with the mullahs in Iran. In fact, Taheri says the mullahs cancelled the program at the Farabi Cinema Complex in Tehran and ran Moore's movie instead.

In addition, Moore's anti-American movie is all the rage throughout the Arab world.

Moore isn't getting paid because the Arabs pirate the thing, but it is a big hit with the Lebanese branch of Hezbollah. Imagine: You're an American filmmaker and Hezbollah loves your movie. So what do you say to your friends in Hollywood? Sorry guys, I guess Hezbollah can't be wrong about everything?

I say the Arab world has exposed the truth and the truth is that Michael Moore is doing Al Qaeda's work with his movie.

He is generating hate for George W. Bush. He does not tell the truth about Bush, or why Bush went to war and he gives the Arabs more phony reasons to hate us.

They don’t need more. There is no question that throughout history Christians have done terrible things to Arabs and the favor has been returned. But it is patently and historically false to say that invading Iraq and deposing Saddam Hussein was a bad thing to Arabs. It was a good thing, but pride won't let them say it.

As much as they hated Saddam, they were content to let him rule until one of their own could overthrow him. The worse offense is doing the dirty job for them, because it makes them look weak.

The truth is the Arab world is weak and would never have deposed Saddam. But what does Michael Moore care?

That's My Word.

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