It's about time our government stops hearing from us and instead starts seeing us.

With all that's going on, I am shocked that more people haven't ditched the letters, e-mails and phone calls for something else: a good old-fashioned march on Washington.

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For anyone who's not even at the "e-mail stage" of anger, how much more do you need to see to be convinced that you're being ignored?

Our Treasury, which was not exactly weak under George W. Bush, is now unbelievably powerful under President Obama.

Tim Geithner is now asking for authority to shut down non-financial companies, if he even gets a whiff that they might harm the economy.

At least a couple lawmakers are asking honest, non-politically motivated questions and expressing the outrage that we should all be feeling.

But Geithner is now waffling on something that should take about half a second to say "no" to: a world reserve currency to replace the dollar. First he said he would not trash the dollar, then he said he was open to ditching the dollar and then later that day he said the dollar remains the world's currency.

Then we have our debt.

Since Bush took office, the size of the national debt has doubled and in just the last six months they've put us on the hook for another $9-15 trillion. Democrats and Republicans alike have picked up shovels to do the hard work of burying our kids and grandkids in obligations I believe it's now impossible to repay.

But they're not just destroying our economy, they're also destroying trust.

Thursday, the Senate passed a watered-down version of the AmeriCorps bill — aka the GIVE Act — which basically indoctrinates your child into community service through the federal government.

And now, as if all of that wasn't enough, the Obama administration is set to release 17 Chinese Muslim separatists from Gitmo out onto the streets of America because no other country will take them.

Who are these people we're about to grant the greatest golden ticket in life to? Do you know? Does anyone know?

I told my team that I will be fine with taking these guys in, giving them welfare — whatever — so long as someone I trust tells me they're political refugees and not terrorists. And no, some sunshine and lollipop liberal is not someone I trust on this.

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