When the Celebrities Slip Up, We're There With a Magnifying Glass

When the celebrities slip up, we're there with a magnifying glass and something we call The Foxlight.

Actors will head back to a little house on the prairie called a voting booth. Melissa Gilbert is the president of the actor's union. She beat Rhoda. But Valerie Harper said all along there were irregularities. Who knew she could impersonate Al Gore? Now there will be another election. Don't make me call Katherine Harris. And by the way, whatever happened to her? And when will we get that Lifetime movie?

Finally, she's the 'Weakest link.' Fashion critic Mr. Blackwell says Anne Robinson tops his worst dressed list. And, get this. He says she looks like "Harry Potter in drag." Harry Potter should be offended.

And oops, guess who came in second. Britney Spears. Blackwell says her "belly-baring bombs are a wacky tacky display." Hey, this guy can write for the Foxlight anytime.

Fun fact of the day: Variety went to the trouble of doing a survey last year and found that there were a staggering 4,025 trophies handed out at 564 showbiz award ceremonies worldwide that's one award presented every two hours, 365 days a year. And Jim Carrey still can't win anything. Especially after The Majestic.