When the Cat's Away, the Mice Will Play

When the cat's away, the mice will play.

I think we are the cats — the shareholders, the bosses, the big cheeses. And the mice are all these wayward CEOs, who are supposed to work for us — the big cheeses. But we big cats are being taken for a big ride.

Technically, cats are stronger than mice, but some mice can be more cunning. Because the trouble with mice — when cats aren't around — is that they start thinking that they are the big cheeses.

So first they steal a little cheese, and if no one's looking, a little more cheese. Then whatever scraps they can find. That is… until the cat returns.

But what if the cat never returns, or sleeps while the mice are at play? Then what? Then, you have abuse: Mice stealing more cheese. Hording more crumbs. Leaving the cat to look like a fool.

But even lazy cats awake from their slumber, and even the laziest don't take kindly to seeing their food gone and their cupboards bare. That's what's happening now.

The mice are scurrying because the cats are clawing. Some of those mice think the cats will cool it, and that they'll then be able to go back to stealing cheese and such.

But this time the cats are saying, "It's different now, you mice."

Some mice don't think the cats mean it. t's up to the cats now to say they do.

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